My name is Emily, but you can call me Em!

I am passionate about trauma recovery.

After growing up in a home with domestic violence and being raised in a fundamentalist, patriarchal cult for 23 years, I made the courageous (reckless?) decision to walk away from everything I knew and embark on what has become the most wild ride of my life.

What started as a personal journey soon transformed into a mission: to both spread awareness about the life-changing the effects of trauma, and to teach others how to find true healing.

Thriving Forward was founded on the belief that through the blood of Jesus Christ and by His Grace, anyone who has endured life-altering trauma can do more than just survive their trauma — they can learn how to thrive!


Mission Statement

To advocate for survivors of abuse and trauma through believing their story, empathizing with their pain, encouraging them with hope of the Redeemer, and finally empowering them to use their voice to spread truthawareness, and grace to further empower other survivors to find their freedom.

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