Do you ever feel too inadequate for God?  You’re too unorganized, have too many scars, too many flaws, or that you’re simply not good enough?  Here’s a little encouragement for you.  😘  
* God used Rahab, a prostitute, to save her entire family from destruction and to eventually become part of the genealogy of Jesus Christ. 
* Jesus honored the woman at the well, a victim of abusive men and considered “spoiled goods”, with the respect of a spiritual conversation with a Rabbi.  He then promoted her to missionary to share the Good News with her entire town.  
* God used another prostitute, who was about to be stoned, to teach the powerful, authoritative, and hypocritical Pharisees a lesson.
* God used a scared 13 year old girl to birth the most incredible gift of all time into humanity.  
If you feel too broken to change the world, just remember, Jesus is attracted to brokenness.  
Your brokenness is a gift.  It is a powerful force.  Every scar on your heart is another story you can tell to show empathy to another hurting being.  All those imperfections that you hate about yourself are the very things that make you beautiful and relatable to a longing world that is poisoned by perfectionism.  
So embrace your brokenness.  And use it to LOVE like no one else.  


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