I did something tonight that made me feel invincible: I fixed my own vacuum.
This, coming only two days after I blew out a tire on the highway and decided that instead of calling for roadside assistance, I would figure it out on my own.  I may not have known how a jack worked, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t learn.  After watching a couple of YouTube tutorials, I hiked up my dress, knelt down in my stilettos, and changed that tired by myself like a boss.  💪
Why do these two simple acts make me feel like Wonder Woman?  Because I was told for years that these tasks for were for men only— that women were incapable of performing such repairs.  I was told that situations like these were one of the main reasons why girls needed to stay at home under their father’s protection until marriage, and why a woman needed the protection, saving, and guidance of husband.  After all, who would fix the leaky faucet, change the oil, and clear the computer of the virus if not for the husband?! 
I have literally seen women fall emotionally apart after divorce because they didn’t know how they would manage simple home repairs without their husband around.  This is beyond just sad, this is ridiculous. 
It’s time to enact a change.  Let’s teach our little girls that they can do more.  That they have beautiful, smart brains that can learn anything if they set their mind to it.  Let’s teach them to be smart, savvy, and safe.  Let’s teach them resourcefulness and rambunctious ambition.  
Let’s teach them that they are strong and capable enough to thrive in this world as an independent, single woman if they so choose to do so.  
Let’s teach our girls to grow up and believe that they can be a strong, smart, capable, grown woman perfectly proficient enough to change her own darn tire. 🙌
Let’s teach our little girls that they do not need a male rescuer.
Jesus is enough for them.


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