The Demise of the Scale
I’ve officially been living my new apartment three months now. I’ve purchased pretty much everything I need, but there is one thing I haven’t bought that nearly every home has: a bathroom scale. 
I’ve thought about it.  I’ve wondered.  ”What number would show?  Where am I at?”  But after some thought, I’ve made the decision not to buy one — not ever.  Why?
Because numbers don’t matter.  A number doesn’t tell you how healthy you are, or how pretty you are, or how much you are worth.  A number is just a number.  And what may be a “high” number for one person, is a perfect number for another. We all have different shapes and sizes and there are a lot of different definitions of health and beauty.  
I want to measure my health by how much energy I have and how well I nourish my body.  I want to measure my beauty by how many people I can make smile throughout my day by showing them a bit of kindness.  I want to measure my worth and value by what Jesus thinks of me.  
These are the things that matter; not some random number displayed on a piece of metal or plastic.
And so, here’s to the demise of the scale.  I have a feeling I’ll be much happier without it. 😊


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