For the past few years I’ve picked a word for the year. It’s a way of laying out a focus for the entire year — something I can reflect on each day as I do life. 
I always pray about it and God always brings the word to my mind. This week He brought me my word: NOURISHMENT.
This year I want all that I do to bring nourishment in some way. 
* I want to nourish to my spirit by getting back into God’s word every single day.
* I want to nourish to my mind by reading more books and listening to encouraging podcasts and training.
* I want to nourish my relationship with my husband by being more intentional with our time together.
* I went to nourish the survivor community by showing up here every day to serve you all with helpful and inspiring content.
* I want to nourish my body with good food and the supplements I need to mitigate the symptoms of my chronic illness.
As I go about each day in 2021 I will ask myself, “Is this activity bringing nourishment to me in one of these ways?” If not, it doesn’t have a purpose in my life. 
Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about a word of the year!
What’s your word for the year?


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