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Every year I pick a new theme word and song. For 2018 my theme word is “Courage” and my song is “Giants Fall” by Francesca Battistelli.

I need much courage coming this year. I have so many giants to face.

Personal giants in my life — breaking patterns of fear, learning to trust, confronting painful memories…

And giants concerning others — rebuilding and redefining relationships, forgiving enemies, standing up for truth….

I think there is a reason God told us not to fear dozens of times in the Bible . But does the idea of trying to muster up courage and not fear, scare you even more? It did for me.

The thing is, I used to think I had to slay my own giants. I wad told I “needed to be David and slay Goliath”. And then a couple of years ago a friend said something that changed my life:

We’re not supposed be David. JESUS is David! WE are the Children of Israel following Jesus in VICTORY!!!

What sweet relief indeed! Jesus is sovereign. He’s in control. He knows the giants we must face. He has already slain the biggest one of all time while on that cross. We just have to trust Him and REST in His completed work!

So, have courage in Jesus. He’s got this. 

~ Em