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Where Hope Is Found

by | Mar 24, 2018 | Hope, The Year Of Courage

My heart is full of mixed emotions tonight. Tomorrow starts the super bowl of the Christians’ holidays.  It’s so interesting to compare where you are today as opposed to one year before.

Last Easter was the most significant and joyous Easter of my life.  I had been studying the book of John and for the first time the Gospel became truly real to me and I could hardly contain my excitement throughout the celebrations.

This year, however, my heart and my fellow church family is in a season of hurt.  A few weeks ago our pastor was caught in devastating sin and decided to run away and abandon his flock instead of humbly confessing his sin and shame and facing the many lives he has hurt deeply.  It’s been a painful month and I’ve almost been dreading the upcoming Easter holiday.  Since our earthly shepherd is gone, it’s hard to feel like celebrating.

When the effects of someone else’s sin are so fresh, I find it’s hard for me to take my eyes off the pain and put them back on to Christ and the cross.  What I’m being to discover, however, is that the cross is exactly where hope can be found.

The cross gives meaning to our sufferings.  It redeems them.  It means we do not suffer in vain.  No pain is worthless.  God uses every tear to draw us closer to Him.  The cross also reminds us that one day, the children of God will be resurrected and spend eternity with our Creator.  No more tears.  No more pain.  No more betrayal.

That’s hope.

That’s what makes life worth living.

And that’s something worth celebrating.

So tomorrow I will eagerly go to church service and worship with my harp along with my church family and we will remind each other that because of the cross, we can celebrate even in times of grief.

I pray that no matter what season of life you are in, you’ll find hope in the cross this Easter, too.



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About the Author

Emily Elizabeth Anderson is a Christian blogger and rising activist for people who have experienced abuse within a Christian environment.

After growing up in a fundamentalist cult for 23 years and experiencing childhood domestic violence, Emily began her journey to recovery in 2015 and eventually found Jesus to be her ultimate healer. She soon turned her passion for writing into a blog and her story has since been featured on several media outlets including NPR.

She married her best friend, Joshua, in 2020 and together they are passionate about educating on the realities of trauma survival and recovery, as well as supporting survivors they meet through their online community.

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